Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Only Question Is

How long 'til Hank and Pav get reunited? Down after 2? Down after 1? Wouldn't hurt Hossa to get put with Mule, and Hudler or Wally.

Lot of hatin' out there for Chelios. Eh. I'd say he did alright. He can't really be blamed for the high stick. When it comes to Cheli vs. Meech, both guys are rusty. I'll take Chelios's experience over Meech's speed when it comes to the 6th guy eating 7 minutes. But what about Brett Lebda? Seems like he was out there a lot in OT, or maybe it's just that my ears perk up especially when I hear Brett Lebda's name uttered when the game is on the line. Lot of faith coming from Babcock.

Which leads to the only question worth asking 5 hours before the biggest game of the Wings' season thus far: what's the blueline gonna look like next year?

No way Ericsson gets sent down. I mean come the fuck on. No way. So who goes, assuming Lilja fully recovers from this concussion shit? Liljahammer was pretty fucking solid for us all year so I'm loathe to say it should be him. That leaves... Lebda. Maybe the Wings trade or waive Meech (where he would undoubtedly go on to become a Top 4 threat playing 25 minutes a night for the Islanders or somebody) and Lebda gets bumped down to #7 on the depth chart. Not likely Brett would be happy about that.

Yeah, I know, I know, wrong time to be wondering about 09-10. Just a thought.