Monday, May 4, 2009


That's the only word you need to describe Pavel Datsyuk's absence (and Hossa and Zetterberg's too). I'm battling the pig flu over here, maybe that's what the big guns got? Or some secret injury. It's almost silly to even say it, because it's quite obvious; the secret to the Wings' success is really, really easy: the Big 3 have got to start producing. The secondary scoring is there, the goaltending is there (very much so), the hitting, yep, relative health (although the loss of Rafalski is pretty huge). It's all there. Just need Pavs and Hank and Mars to get rolling.

Because Hiller is beatable. As discussed elsewhere, he's no stud. There's only one thing, really, that can cause a dramatically inferior team like the Ducks to beat a team like Detroit, and that's a crazy hot goalie. But Hiller is not one. The Wings' primary offense just needs to get rolling. The Wings have basically played two crappy games and came out of it at .500. That's pretty good for a team chugging along at half-capacity. When the Wings get rolling, they'll crush the Poultry. If.

Let's think positive. What do I like about the team through two?

1. Hudler. He made the increasingly irrelevant Scott Niedermayer look like an idiot and take a penalty to boot in OT. Could have been the game right there. Happy is doing what he always does: playing like a guy twice his size.

2. Helm. Holy shit. Tell me this kid is not going to play in Grand Rapids next season. It was cruel this past season, it would be downright criminal to do it after this.

3. Ericsson. It's really wierd and incredibly cool to watch a guy go from green bottom dweller to stud top defenseman in the course of a playoffs. Seriously, Ericsson was leading the Wings in IT much of the game. Leading. And with good reason. He looks entirely at home in the top pair. It's sick. The only question for next season is: Norris, or just Calder? (assuming he's still eligible for the latter... I think he is)

4. Lidstrom. Lest we forget, he is still Norris Nick. Played a great game as usual.

5. Osgood. Stellar. I think the last goal was tipped. Far outplayed Hiller. No concerns about goaltending.

I'm feeling okay after this loss. Like I said, it's as simple as the Big 3 needing to get going. What will turn me crazy is if it becomes clear that something is deeply wrong with all (or any) of them. And Raffy not getting healthy really fucking quick.