Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nobody's Off The Hook

Nobody. Not the refs, the Ducks, the Wings.

I'm not even that pissed about the no-goal. Well okay I'm seething angry, but the Wings should not have let it get that far. One goal in 59 minutes doesn't cut it. They need to play 60 minutes.

That said, I am super pissed about that fucking punk Chris Pronger, and his fucking punk teammates Getzlaf and Perry. God I fucking hate them so much. At the end of the game, after the whistle, after the Ducks had won, Pronger makes a beeline for Datsyuk and starts throwing punches. The douches on Versus said something like "veteran move by Pronger there." You know what, the douches are right. It was a veteran move. Because apparently that shit is allowed! Apparently you can just go up to the other team, after you won the fucking game, and maul their best player. That's totally cool apparently. Somebody should tell Jonathon Ericsson that. I bet he will be treated the same as Chris Pronger by the league. Yep, I bet he will.

We need another Dan Cleary-on-Dion Phaneuf, or Stuart-on-Commodore type hit. Or a McCarty-style beatdown. Or a Ducks-like spear/elbow/knee/headbutt after the whistle. Someone needs to hurt. Besides Wisniewski.

In other news. Helm: I love him. He's like an eight-year old with ADD, all jacked up on Mountain Dew. He's just constantly running around, coming at you like a spider monkey. Speaking of Griff-Wings, how about Leino? The Wings are having trouble putting it in the net, and he's got some offensive game. The only trouble is, who do you take out? Kopecky, Maltby? They're playing well, and bringing much needed violence to the Ducks. Kopecky especially is wreaking havoc in front of the net, something sorely needed.

One last thing. I noticed ESPN use the word "indefatigable" in a headline.

Normally I have nothing but contempt for ESPN, but I've got to say: nice word, guys. Solid.