Sunday, May 31, 2009

Osgood for Conn

So the excitement of the Western Conference Final may have proved a little too much for me, since about 5 hours after I was heading to the ER with some heart issues. Fortunately I was released on Friday, in plenty of time to catch Game 1 on a nice CBC feed and not the NBC crap I would have had to have watched at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Not that the gap in posting that resulted was noticeable at all compared to my usual Lang-like absences.

Anyway. Osgood for Conn. Can it be anyone else at this point? Two fluky goals last night. Two fluky goals tonight. This team has not been as dominant, not nearly as much, as last year's team. I don't know what it is. The Hangover, the Lack of Hunger, the Lack of Datsyuk, Draper, the injuries to the Perfect Human. This team just isn't firing on all cylinders like last year.

Except one is firing, like, motherfucking double time. Lidstrom said it best: it's the best Ozzy has played. Period. It feels good. It feels quite good to finally be THAT team. You know, the team the Wings have so often lost, or nearly lost to in the playoffs -- that team that is just clearly inferior, but gets by on the strength of their netminder.

Now I'm not saying the Wings are inferior to these Pens. But let's face it, they're not routing them to the tune of 6-2 over two games. The guy who's made sure that's the goals ratio? Osgood. It feels so wonderful to have an elite goaltender. Have the Wings ever relied on one before? Sure Hasek was great in '02 but it's not like those Wings needed a goalie like that. This year we've depended on Ozzie though. And he's come through huge.

Goddam it's going to fill me with uncontrollable mirth when Little Gary calls his name for the Conn.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Posting has been sparse as stress has increased. I feel okay about today's game. I feel okay about maybe not having Datsyuk or maybe having him at half-power. I feel okay The Anthem and the mighty Kane & Toews. Serious anxiety relating to our next opponent is growing, however.

Chief is right. We need Dats, at close to 100%, to derail Crosby and Malkin. It's not that I'm that scared about the Pens, it's just... okay, okay, need to stop thinking about next round. That's a jinx waiting to happen. This round.

Khabibulin, Huet, doesn't matter. Neither is superhero. All we need them to be is less-than-perfect. The penalty shitstorm was an idiosyncracy, the Kronwall call patently ridiculous. I'm not going to say Kronner hasn't thrown a borderline illegal hit or two in his career, but that was so not even close to one, as Babcock said, it's not even funny.

If anything this plays to the Wings advantage today. If Chicago wants "retribution", again Babcock put it best: we'd love to have a powerplay. The Wings' O is rolling. I don't know if Holmstrom has a point yet or not this series but his work in front of the net has won the Wings a couple of huge goals. When is the league going to start keeping track of screens? You get one for screening the goalie on a goal. Sounds like a legit stat to me. I mean, they track takeaways.

Not sure what else to say. The stress make me no talk good. make words go bad bad. tongue turn glue. expressions become... infelicitous.

go wings.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fuck the Ducks

The Wings didn't put in the game they needed to. That doesn't excuse the shitty end of game behavior from the Ducks.

Does this mean anything? Anything? Colin Campbell? Bueller?

Monday, May 11, 2009


I was steadily getting giddier and giddier watching the Hawks/Canucks series, as Chicago proved Luongo to be human again and again. The thought of playing against a team with no skill and a less-than-immortal goaltender thrilled me. Of course, my joy has turned to ashes in my mouth, as the Blackhawks and their shockingly potent offense are destined to be our Round 3 opponents. The thing that scares me about them is that they are too young and dumb to know how overmatched they are, or to remember how badly we spanked them in the regular season. And Byfuglien (that's pronounced buh-FUG-lee-ehn) looks like Pronger junior. Or, Sasquatchito, as they say south of the border.

All that remains is for the Griffs Wings to finish the deal.

And as for the round after? It's gotta be Ovechkin. Won't be as satisfying any other way.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nobody's Off The Hook

Nobody. Not the refs, the Ducks, the Wings.

I'm not even that pissed about the no-goal. Well okay I'm seething angry, but the Wings should not have let it get that far. One goal in 59 minutes doesn't cut it. They need to play 60 minutes.

That said, I am super pissed about that fucking punk Chris Pronger, and his fucking punk teammates Getzlaf and Perry. God I fucking hate them so much. At the end of the game, after the whistle, after the Ducks had won, Pronger makes a beeline for Datsyuk and starts throwing punches. The douches on Versus said something like "veteran move by Pronger there." You know what, the douches are right. It was a veteran move. Because apparently that shit is allowed! Apparently you can just go up to the other team, after you won the fucking game, and maul their best player. That's totally cool apparently. Somebody should tell Jonathon Ericsson that. I bet he will be treated the same as Chris Pronger by the league. Yep, I bet he will.

We need another Dan Cleary-on-Dion Phaneuf, or Stuart-on-Commodore type hit. Or a McCarty-style beatdown. Or a Ducks-like spear/elbow/knee/headbutt after the whistle. Someone needs to hurt. Besides Wisniewski.

In other news. Helm: I love him. He's like an eight-year old with ADD, all jacked up on Mountain Dew. He's just constantly running around, coming at you like a spider monkey. Speaking of Griff-Wings, how about Leino? The Wings are having trouble putting it in the net, and he's got some offensive game. The only trouble is, who do you take out? Kopecky, Maltby? They're playing well, and bringing much needed violence to the Ducks. Kopecky especially is wreaking havoc in front of the net, something sorely needed.

One last thing. I noticed ESPN use the word "indefatigable" in a headline.

Normally I have nothing but contempt for ESPN, but I've got to say: nice word, guys. Solid.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009



The Only Question Is

How long 'til Hank and Pav get reunited? Down after 2? Down after 1? Wouldn't hurt Hossa to get put with Mule, and Hudler or Wally.

Lot of hatin' out there for Chelios. Eh. I'd say he did alright. He can't really be blamed for the high stick. When it comes to Cheli vs. Meech, both guys are rusty. I'll take Chelios's experience over Meech's speed when it comes to the 6th guy eating 7 minutes. But what about Brett Lebda? Seems like he was out there a lot in OT, or maybe it's just that my ears perk up especially when I hear Brett Lebda's name uttered when the game is on the line. Lot of faith coming from Babcock.

Which leads to the only question worth asking 5 hours before the biggest game of the Wings' season thus far: what's the blueline gonna look like next year?

No way Ericsson gets sent down. I mean come the fuck on. No way. So who goes, assuming Lilja fully recovers from this concussion shit? Liljahammer was pretty fucking solid for us all year so I'm loathe to say it should be him. That leaves... Lebda. Maybe the Wings trade or waive Meech (where he would undoubtedly go on to become a Top 4 threat playing 25 minutes a night for the Islanders or somebody) and Lebda gets bumped down to #7 on the depth chart. Not likely Brett would be happy about that.

Yeah, I know, I know, wrong time to be wondering about 09-10. Just a thought.

Monday, May 4, 2009


That's the only word you need to describe Pavel Datsyuk's absence (and Hossa and Zetterberg's too). I'm battling the pig flu over here, maybe that's what the big guns got? Or some secret injury. It's almost silly to even say it, because it's quite obvious; the secret to the Wings' success is really, really easy: the Big 3 have got to start producing. The secondary scoring is there, the goaltending is there (very much so), the hitting, yep, relative health (although the loss of Rafalski is pretty huge). It's all there. Just need Pavs and Hank and Mars to get rolling.

Because Hiller is beatable. As discussed elsewhere, he's no stud. There's only one thing, really, that can cause a dramatically inferior team like the Ducks to beat a team like Detroit, and that's a crazy hot goalie. But Hiller is not one. The Wings' primary offense just needs to get rolling. The Wings have basically played two crappy games and came out of it at .500. That's pretty good for a team chugging along at half-capacity. When the Wings get rolling, they'll crush the Poultry. If.

Let's think positive. What do I like about the team through two?

1. Hudler. He made the increasingly irrelevant Scott Niedermayer look like an idiot and take a penalty to boot in OT. Could have been the game right there. Happy is doing what he always does: playing like a guy twice his size.

2. Helm. Holy shit. Tell me this kid is not going to play in Grand Rapids next season. It was cruel this past season, it would be downright criminal to do it after this.

3. Ericsson. It's really wierd and incredibly cool to watch a guy go from green bottom dweller to stud top defenseman in the course of a playoffs. Seriously, Ericsson was leading the Wings in IT much of the game. Leading. And with good reason. He looks entirely at home in the top pair. It's sick. The only question for next season is: Norris, or just Calder? (assuming he's still eligible for the latter... I think he is)

4. Lidstrom. Lest we forget, he is still Norris Nick. Played a great game as usual.

5. Osgood. Stellar. I think the last goal was tipped. Far outplayed Hiller. No concerns about goaltending.

I'm feeling okay after this loss. Like I said, it's as simple as the Big 3 needing to get going. What will turn me crazy is if it becomes clear that something is deeply wrong with all (or any) of them. And Raffy not getting healthy really fucking quick.