Monday, May 11, 2009


I was steadily getting giddier and giddier watching the Hawks/Canucks series, as Chicago proved Luongo to be human again and again. The thought of playing against a team with no skill and a less-than-immortal goaltender thrilled me. Of course, my joy has turned to ashes in my mouth, as the Blackhawks and their shockingly potent offense are destined to be our Round 3 opponents. The thing that scares me about them is that they are too young and dumb to know how overmatched they are, or to remember how badly we spanked them in the regular season. And Byfuglien (that's pronounced buh-FUG-lee-ehn) looks like Pronger junior. Or, Sasquatchito, as they say south of the border.

All that remains is for the Griffs Wings to finish the deal.

And as for the round after? It's gotta be Ovechkin. Won't be as satisfying any other way.