Sunday, February 17, 2008

How About That Adversity

Adversity is a good thing, right? Actually I'm not being sarcastic. I still buy Babcock's line, you know, the one he broke out when Zetterberg went down for a few days and the Wings were forced to struggle on with two healthy, hot goalies, a deep defense, and a bunch of kids who looked like they were finally developing into offensive threats. Oh and that Datsyuk guy.

Well now we're in the shit, and it's safe to say we didn't know what adversity looked like until this stretch. No Kronner, no Raffy, no Clears? Hasek out, a defensive corp with Andreas Lilja, Brett Lebda, Derek Meech, and Kyle Quincey? Hudler and Filppula doing nothing? Now this is some adversity.

Maybe it's just my perspective or something, but I'm not really concerned. Maybe it's the soul crushing, heart rending, mind blowing colossus of grad school bearing down on me day in and day out that makes me think six losses in the middle of the regular season, with a perfectly good excuse is not such a big deal. Which isn't to say this shit needs to get fixed quick, and it of course isn't to say I'm not still stoked about the trade deadline, and all the more convinced the Wings need to add depth.

But folks, we're gonna get through this. Lebda and Lilja and the kids up front are gonna be better for it come April. Dats and Z? They don't need much adversity, and while Dan Cleary may face an uphill battle to get back up to speed by the playoffs, he won't need any encouragement. Last spring these guys showed they come to play when it's on the line, and a six-game slump in February is no indication to the contrary.

So I'll reiterate, this is nothing to worry about. This team is still the same team it was at the beginning of the year. And how about that Howard kid? You don't think his performance against Dallas is gonna propel him straight to the Wings' roster in September? The future is bright.

Assuming he doesn't get traded for Mats Sundin. Sweet Jesus Kenny, don't do it.