Monday, February 25, 2008

Deadline Vigil

-Mac is back. Holy shit. Yes! Guys, I'm pumped. If he sees the ice this season, wherever I am when he first gets out there in the Winged Wheel, I will stand up and clap. I hope I'm not at a funeral.

-Prospal to Philly, there goes one depth forward possibility. And Philly doesn't seem to have given up a lot for him although I don't know about the prospect. Hmmm.

-Boyle is also off the market as Tampa Bay locks him up. I'm not too concerned - he would have cost way too much to acquire and the Wings wouldn't have extended him.

-Speaking of extensions, there is no fucking way we get Hossa and extend him. It's just not going to happen. Unless we trade Zetterberg, or Lidstrom, or Datsyuk, or Rafalski. You just can't have five guys making 6M+. Take your pick. I'll go with the four we got. Same argument goes for why we can't trade for Jokinen.

-Forsberg to Colorado. Gee, they might even make the playoffs.

-Seriously, Hossa isn't going to happen. The Wings won't give up Filppula and more for a rental. Honest to God I don't know what I'll do if Holland does this deal. Unless we manage to rip off Atlanta. Which I don't see happening. One Thrasher I would like to see is Mark Recchi, as I said yesterday.

-Speaking of yesterday, damn that post was long. Thanks to Matt for the shoutout. But shit, that was long, longer than I ever envisioned it. Swear to God, that's the last time I blog on amphetamines.

If you're not interested in slogging through all 3500 words of it, my basic points were these:

-as it turns out, puck-moving defensemen are pretty important to the Wings' offense
-all our puck-moving D are injured, which sucks right now
-we have some pretty good puck-moving kids, Meech and Ericsson, so a puck-moving D isn't a deadline priority
-my deadline priorities are a physical D and forward scoring depth, ideally also physical
-I would like Brad Stuart or Hal Gill (or Rob Blake but I thought he said he wasn't going to waive his NTC), and up front I like Recchi, Nik Antropov, or maybe Feds if he's cheap. I saw somewhere that somebody was predicting it would take a major prospect and a first rounder to get Feds, or something like that. I mean I'm nostalgic for the guy but that's freaking ridiculous. He's worth a second rounder, at absolute best.

What's my guess for the deadline? I have no flipping clue. As Bill at A2Y often points out, guessing Ken Holland's mind is impossible. I think Recchi and Gill are pretty reasonable possibilities.

-By this time last year, the Wings had already dealt Jason Williams for Kyle Calder. I jumped up and screamed for joy when I saw that we had dumped Williams. As much as Calder did nothing, getting rid of Williams was still a good call.

-I would like to point out once again that Darren McCarty is friggin' back. Check this out:
The Wings just announced they have signed Darren McCarty and assigned him to Grand Rapids for a two-week conditioning stint. He'll return to Detroit around March 10. It's a one-year deal for slightly more than the league minimum at $535,000 (worth slightly more than $100,000 prorated) plus incentives.
Look closer:
He'll return to Detroit around March 10.
Closer yet:
[wi]ll return to Detroit
He will return. Not 'he may', but rather, 'he will'. I'm not a linguist or anything, but that means he fucking coming back! Actually, I am a linguist. Shit.

Edit: The important thing to know about linguists is, being a linguist doesn't make you a good writer, or a good proofreader, as highlighted by "he fucking coming back". (There's no "is" if you haven't caught it.) I'll leave it uncorrected, for irony's sake.