Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ten Coolest Names In Baseball

This is completely random.

Here are my picks for the ten coolest names in baseball (possibly the ten coolest names in all of sport), along with some themed awards: Grandest, Most Confused, Most Badass, Just Plain Ridiculous, Old Timiest, and the prestigious Are You Serious?

Without further ado:

10.Curtis Granderson (Winner, Grandest)
9. Melky Cabrera (Runner-Up, Most Confused)
8. Boof Bonser (Winner, Just Plain Ridiculous)
7. Milton Bradley (Runner-Up, Are You Serious?)
6. Nook Logan (Runner-Up, Old-Timiest)
5. Coco Crisp (Winner, Are You Serious?)
4. Yuniesky Betancourt (Winner, Most Confused)
3. Vladimir Guerrero (Runner-Up, Most Badass)
2. Lastings Milledge (Winner, Old-Timiest)
1. Fausto Carmona (Winner, Most Badass)

Hon. Mention: Kenny Rogers, Pudge Rodriguez, Hanley Ramirez, Bengie Molina,

A lot of people would not have gone with Fausto Carmona. But I think it is one of the most badass names ever. I can't explain it. It is just a fucking cool name. Think you know some cooler names? Feel free to add to my list.

As for hockey, a lot of people are throwing out their thoughts for line combinations now that the roster is prolly set, so I'll likely do the same pretty soon here. After that, I think I'll start previewing the season. Or something. Is it October yet?