Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ballcaps, Sox, Jerseys, and Other Apparel

Bulleted List:
  • That last Tigers post... it got a little silly at the end there. To be totally serious, I think Sean Casey is fine, at least for this year. But if we don't get A-Rod or Texeira, how about Marcus Thames as the 1B of the future? I mean why not? With Maybin, Gorkys Hernandez, Brent Clevlen, the Tigers are going to have to start trading off OF depth or move them to different positions. Thames fits the bill for a power hitter at that position.
  • I don't understand the argument that you shouldn't move Guillen to 1st because he won't be as good at 1st though. If anything he'll be better because the position is less tiring. Obviously you don't move him to 1st unless you have a damn good replacement at short (A-Rod).
  • Okay, enough of the this Tigers talk. This is a Wings blog right? Uhh... as Bill at A2Y suggests, things are a little dry on that front. But here's a question no one (to my knowledge) has asked or had answered: what's the deal with the Wings' new jerseys? Anyone have any idea? I mean at the very least you have to take the old design and stick it on the new jersey, and in fact, that is what I hope they do, and what they probably will do, since the organization has a pretty good understanding of tradition. I would hate to see the jersey all verticalized, although something more or less similar to the practice jersey wouldn't be awful. Actually yes it would. I fear change.
  • Back to baseball really quick: go Sox! Way to take two from the Indians! Nice!
  • Moving on to me news, but also still Tigers, and sort of Red Wings, I got this bad ass hat the other day. I first saw it on Hank Zetterberg at some post-game conference, and then found the link on BTJ. I had been meaning to get it since I first saw Christy link it, but never got around to it. Anyway, I am now a styling Wings/Tigers fan. I just put that hat on, take one look in the mirror and say "Man I'm a badass."
  • I am still considering the Chief's request for homemade Wings promos. I will one day throw my hat in this ring, a calculated strike, after weeks if not months of careful consideration.