Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not Dead

Yes, I know, I suck, I suck so hard. I should be shot.

What's that? You didn't notice I hadn't posted for months? Ahh, yes, well. Fair enough.

I've said it all before: my time has become extremely scant. Only catching 1 of every 2 or 3... or 4 games is not enough for me to go off of. I spout a lot of uninformed nonsense on this thing -- it would be nice if I at least saw the games.

That being said I'm going to try to get things back into gear for the playoffs. If I can't find the time to watch the Wings during the playoffs, I may as well pack it in, eh? Here are a few thoughts:

- Datsyuk: MVP and Selke. Nick: Norris. No question.

- Ericsson: Next year's Calder. Unless Leino beats him to it. Are they even still eligible?

- Goaltending: I am still regretting the Ty Conklin acquisition. The team is clearly committed to Osgood as the starter; if that's what you're going to do, why not get Howard NHL ready? You're never really going to know if he's gonna turn out until you drop him in the NHL and see what happens. Yes, Conklin was good insurance against an injury and if Ozzie goes down or breaks down in the playoffs Conklin is as good a backup as you'll find in the NHL. But next year Howard is out of options and has to make the team. If Osgood's off-year wasn't really an off-year, but instead the beginning of a decline? We can only imagaine Osgood will be the same or worse next year. And that means we'll be worse off than if we had gone with Howard this year. We're just delaying and making things worse on ourselves. Ugh. Hopefully, of course, Osgood will rebound next year, but whether he does or not the Wings need to get Howard in 30 games at least. If he flames out, no biggie, Larsson and McCollum are grade-A prospects.

- Cap: I have not updated my salary cap chart in a while. I have no idea what Hossa would have to take at this point to stay, and what the ramifications would be. But I do know I've read/heard people saying things like "the Wings might be able to keep Hossa and Hudler", which makes my head hurt. In the end, I just decide not to think about it, and trust/thank Kenny for his magical, magical cap-powers.

- Youngins: Similar to what I said about Howard: if Ericsson, Leino, and Helm are not all on the team next year I may flip out. I love Kenny and I love the "keep them in the minors until they're ready, then keep them in the minors a little while longer, and then keep them in the minors some more" strategy, but at some point you risk the continuity of your team when you stunt players' development by leaving them in a league they've more than adjusted to in lieu of players who are not giving you what the kids could be giving you.

- BJs: Wings in 5. I only say 5 becasue predicting sweeps never works. Mason scares me, but Columbus is going to be so glad just to have made it, the Wings will overpower them. You could not ask for two more polar opposites in terms of playoff experience.