Friday, May 2, 2008

Strong Work, San Jose

Maybe I was a little hasty yesterday calling out Turco. Every time San Jose wins I get more excited. Every time the Sharks win, it's a more tired and less confident Dallas team in the WCF. And if the Sharks actually pull it off? Man, I'm salivating. Nothing could tire a team out more than charging back from a 3-0 deficit. The physical tiredness would be one thing, but the emotional drain that kind of thing would put on them would be enough. They would jump all over each other, party all night, then have to wake up the next day and move on and get back on the ice and realize they're going up against a well-rested, well-oiled, even-keeled scoring machine, the Red Wings. God. It would be a slaughter.

Anyway, enough dreaming. Good work San Jose. Tenderize 'em.