Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mario and Rod Score Tigers' First No-No Since 1984

Last night history was made at Comerica Park when Mario Impemba and Rod Allen called the first Tigers' no-hitter in over 20 years. When you talk about no-hitters, obviously they're a whole team effort: players have to play good defense, and I guess you need decent pitching or something. But if you had to pinpoint the guys really responsible for this kind of achievement, you can look only one place: the broadcast booth.

As is well known, the superstitious machinations of the fans watching the game affect it more than anything else. And the spearheading this effort every night are the announcers. Everyone did their part last night, including Drew Sharp who apparently really likes sharing these personal moments. But you've got to applaud the effort by Mario and Rod, not mentioning the no-hitter once in the broadcast.

The temptation is huge, as the Freep reports, to inform fans of what's going on.

"We didn't need to talk about it," Impemba said. "You do what you feel is right. And that's what we felt was the right thing to do."

When asked whether it was tough to balance the audience's need to know and the superstitious rules of baseball, he said, "it's a no-win situation for a broadcaster, because if you do mention it, and the no-hitter is broken up, then they are all over you. And if you don't mention it, and the pitcher gets it, then they say: 'Why didn't you say something.' "

The answer to the question really isn't that difficult: no you don't say anything. You keep your fucking mouth shut. You don't say another gd word. And these guys pulled it off. Wow, it must be a tremendous feeling for them.