Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well, with the exception of learning all the injuries (if we ever do), it's done. But I'm not. I'll spend the next week or so going nuts finishing papers and the like (finals week is next week, damn you quarter system!) and then it's on to Wings' offseason analysis. I'll look at each player's season and postseason performance, give my take on which players should be brought back (hint: most if not all) and what the future holds for the Wings. I've already come up with a name for my summer analysis series: The Road to Repeat. Alliteration for the win, as always.

Topics on the agenda:
-player reviews
-the UFAs: Chelios, Drake, Hasek, McCarty, Downey, Stuart (who's done? who's gone? who's back?)
-the RFA: Val Filppula (I predict re-signing him may be tougher than people think...)
-the Extensions: Zetterberg and Franzen (both are eligible for contract extensions July 1, and their respective break-out performances could put a strain the Wings' Cap...)
-the kids: Howard, Ericsson, Meech, Quincey, Helm, Abdelkader, Leino (who's ready for the NHL? Is there even room for any of them?)
-the draft (hint: the Wings will pick good players)
-the trade/FA market (hint: Wings do little, if anything...)

All along the way I'll be dragging along my handy spreadsheets and crunching cap numbers for every scenario, as well as taking looks at what the other Wings bloggers in the community are saying. Should be a fun summer!