Sunday, April 20, 2008

How About That Goaltending

Goaltending is our weakness, eh? I'll admit it, the MSM was more or less right about Hasek. Well they get one every now and again. They were most definitely wrong, however, to suggest the Wings' goaltending was weak, as Chris Osgood has shown. I'm not entirely sure why Paul Woods on WXYT keeps saying Osgood had "back-to-back shutouts" in the series, but, hey, close enough. Here's Ozzie's series one stats:

2-0-0, 0.39 GAA, .993 SV%

That's pretty good. As for the O? I'm happy with the secondary scoring. I could use more primary scoring. Dats has been a force, especially with his physical play, and 5pts in 6G is good, but not great. Zetterberg has only 3pt in 6G and same for Homer. Maybe that's due to Ellis, but it seems to me that that best offensive team in the league ought to be scoring a few more goals.

Babcock on WXYT talking about how hot the building was and how bad the ice was. That's another pretty good reason for lower offensive totals.

Babcock, just now: "Dally likes to run defensemen, and I like to watch him run defensemen."

Hahaha. That's awesome.

How about next? I want Colorado. I'm scared of Calgary. I would love to see SJ and the ANH/DAL winner to beat the shit out of each other for a good seven games, couple OTs too. We've got momentum and feel good about our goaltender, I think we can take out the Avs quickly. That being said, I fear their offense - Forsberg, Sakic, Smyth, Statsny. That's pretty good. We will need Ozzie to be sharp, and we will need Dats and Co to put up bigger offensive numbers. We shall see.

The critical point from Babcock's presser: the Wings are better team now than at the start of the series. They took no injuries, found their goaltender, got Sammy, Flip, Stuart, and Draper games under their belt after long injuries. Now we've got some time to let whatever lingering injuries they may have get better. Oh, and as for Maltby? I don't know where you put him in the lineup. But if he's gonna play anything like any of the other guys in his age group, we need him.