Friday, May 25, 2007

Wings Playoffs Awards: Round 2 MVP

My pick for the Red Wings Round Two Most Valuable Player Not Born in Västerås, Sweden:

Tomas Holmstrom

(Photo: Daniel Mears, The Detroit News)

What really needs to be said besides the picture above? Holmstrom's impact on the San Jose series was incredible. After taking a stick to the eye, Homer charged back to San Jose for Game 4, slammed in a garbage goal with seconds remaining in the period, starting a Red Wings comeback that would propel them to three straight wins and a series victory over San Jose.

Early in the season, I was thinking to myself,
Self, I think we should dump Homer. He's served us well, but he's not producing anymore.
Boy, is there egg on my face! Homer tore it up (granted, he had some pretty swell linemates) in the latter part of the season, but his goal production, especially on the PP, was only half his impact. Taking the abuse he does, returning from often ghastly injuries to soldier on, is the best kind of leadership there is. Given the way he personifies Mike Babcock's offensive gameplan, and his tenure with the Wings (only behind Draper and Lids), I would think Homer would be in line for a letter on his jersey. But alas, there are more veteran leaders (Lids, Cheli, Drapes) and younger guys Babcock wants to step up (Hank, Dats), so no such thing is likely to occur. But with Holland's brilliant 3-year contract extension, at a heavily hometown-discounted 2.25M, we can at least rest assured Homer will probably go his entire career a Wing.